Print and Visual Design

3D renders with Cinema4D

I gave myself the challenge to recreate simple real-world objects as faithful as possible. The fun part was to tweak the different surface materials until they felt just right.

3D render of an iPod nano (4th generation)
iPod nano (4th generation)
3D render of a fictional Axe deodorant spray
Axe deodorant spray

These two buildings were created for a harbor scene as part of a 3D artist contest. I really like the video game feel of these models. They won the contest.

3D render of a harbor storehouse
3D render of a shipyard
3D render of a harbor scene
Harbor Scene

This work in progress render of a futuristic space ship comes with a turret animation. Even though the animation is very simple I had great fun tweaking it until it felt just right inconveying the mass and recoil of each shot.

3D render of a work in progress spaceship
Spaceship Work in Progress
3D animation of a turret
Turret Animation