Hi, I'm Lukas

I bootstrap a profitable business and tweet about it. Building great products is something I love doing.

In the process I'm going to get rich or fail trying ๐Ÿ˜„

Portrait of me, Lukas Hermann



Thank you for being always so insightful and willing to challenge the status quo!
โ€“ Radek Srubkowski
We will miss your question-asking skills and your multi-tasking capacity.
โ€“ Tatiana Messiant
Really amazing skills you have when asking questions!
โ€“ Dr. Daniel Michaelis
Good job keeping the housekeeping backlog under control and iterating on the process of handling these tasks.
โ€“ Marcel Goria
Love your your storytelling talent.
โ€“ Franziska Franz
Amazing facilitation of the retrospective, thank you!
โ€“ Vsevolod Tkach
You always challenge yourself, me, the company, and everyone you work with.
โ€“ Tatiana Messiant